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Researching rapid evolution in fruit flies

Seth Rudman, an assistant professor in WSU Vancouver’s School of Biological Sciences, has research interests centering around rapid evolution, rapid adaption in response to environmental stressors, and whole genome evolutionary change within a changing environment. Rudman received his Ph.D. in … Continue reading

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Competitive gossip

Anthropologist Nicole Hess studies the ways and reasons we praise other people or put them down. Competition for scarce resources—such as food, territory, sex, power—comes naturally to primates, human and non-human alike. But while physical contests, including warfare, are well … Continue reading

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Why make music?

Military music and lullabies hold keys to the evolution of musical sounds When he was a graduate student in California, Ed Hagen heard a song on the radio and found himself singing along with it, even though he had not … Continue reading

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