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Looking at drug use from an evolutionary perspective

Ed Hagen, Associate Professor of Anthropology For 15 years, Ed Hagen has been challenging the conventional theory that drug addiction is the consequence of a “hijacked” reward mechanism in the brain—the idea that people become addicts because taking drugs accidentally … Continue reading

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Economic stress and well-being

Tahira Probst, Professor of Psychology Is your ability to cope with financial and employment stress affected by the community you live in? That question is on the minds of policymakers with limited dollars to spend on social services. The answer … Continue reading

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Managing reservoirs for the health of the environment

John Harrison, School of the Environment Reservoirs dot the Pacific Northwest, providing water for irrigation, fish conservation, hydropower and recreation. Yet these freshwater bodies also contribute to climate change by releasing methane—a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide—into the … Continue reading

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Can water cycling help predict ecological changes?

Variations in Ecohydrological Function With Climate and Urbanization Kevan Moffett, Assistant Professor, School of the Environment Understanding, predicting and managing the responses of ecosystems, water resources and people to climate change and urbanization are among the greatest challenges of this … Continue reading

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How can school leaders assure an equitable education for all students?

The Formation of Equity-Oriented District Leadership in Washington State Katherine Rodela, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, College of Education Katherine C. Rodela is an assistant professor of education leadership at WSU Vancouver. She examines culture, leadership and equity in U.S. schools, … Continue reading

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Do mothers pass their own stress on to their children?

Parent-Child Stress Contagion in Chronically Stressed Families Sara Waters, Assistant Professor, Human Development Sara Waters came to WSU Vancouver in 2015 from the University of California at San Francisco. Her research interests include emotional and physiological regulation development, parent-child attachment … Continue reading

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The Science of Water Management

The lakes, rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest—vital to the region—are increasingly threatened. Algal blooms—some toxic—cloud the water. Invasive species proliferate. Both alter aquatic food webs in ways that can harm native species. State, federal and local agencies work … Continue reading

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Cleaning Contaminated Water in Uganda

“If we can find affordable, workable solutions in Uganda, it can transfer to other places.” In 2006, Anita Hunter was teaching at the University of San Diego School of Nursing when a visiting priest from Uganda asked: “Can someone help … Continue reading

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The Haptic Touch

Two new patented inventions by Hakan Gurocak may help advance the digital experience. One major reason hands-on experiences are so different from digital experiences is the sense of touch. When you go shopping at a retail store, for example, you … Continue reading

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The process of obtaining a patent Hakan Gurocak’s are the only issued U.S. patents held by a current faculty member at the Vancouver campus. “We are very excited to be engaging more with Vancouver faculty,” said Preeti Malik-Kale, technology licensing … Continue reading

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